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C-5 A Galaxy Gemini Jet #69-0014 1/400 (C5) Stand Included SPECIAL PRICING LIMITED TIME OFFER


C-5 A Galaxy Gemini Jet #69-0014 1/400 (C5)  


On 24 Oct 1974, the Space and Missile System Organization successfully conducted an Air Mobile Feasibility Test where a C-5A Galaxy aircraft airdropped an 86,000 pound LGM-30 Minuteman ICBM from 20,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean.  The missile descended to 8,000 feet before its rocket engine fired.  The 10-second engine burn carried the missile to 20,000 feet again before it dropped into the ocean.  The test proved the feasibility of launching an intercontinental ballistic missile from the air.  Operation development was the target due to engineering and security difficulties, though the capability was used as a negotiating point in the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.  This aircraft is permanently on display at the Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, Delaware.

Designed to meet the USAF requirement for a heavy logistic transport, the C-5 was first flown on June 30, 1968.  The T-Tail configuration provides unobstructed access to the large rear loading ramp which, in combination with the massive hinged nose, allows for "drive-through" loading and unloading of cargo.  The C-5 is one of the largest military aircraft ever built and its cavernous cargo compartment measures 121 feel long by 19 feet wide and 13.5 feet high.   This is in addition to an upper deck with seating for 73 passengers.  Current versions of the aircraft are capable of lifting up to 270,000 pounds of cargo.


Stand included. 1/400 scale.