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Aircraft Bench Program

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The AMC Museum Foundation is happy to continue our Aircraft Bench Program.

For each $100 donation to the program, you can get your name on a plaque displayed on the aircraft bench of your choice. We’ll also recognize you in the museum’s quarterly newsletter, The Hangar Digest, and on our website.

The benches are already on our ramp near their respective aircraft to complement the static displays. As often as possible, they have been placed where visitors can rest in some shade on the ramp. These 8-foot-long benches are high-quality plastic-coated rolled steel with cast aluminum legs. 

We usually update the plaques on a bi-annual basis, typically at the end of March and September. Names and additional remarks are posted on our website shortly after your donation is processed.

Take a moment to read some of the stories. You might be surprised to see some old Air Force buddies in the mix.

The AMC Museum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You will receive a thank you letter that you may wish to retain for your records as it may be useful for any available federal/state income tax deduction for this contribution.

You'll be able to add the following information to the bench you wish to donate towards:

  • First name, Last name
  • Crew Position/Aircraft Maintenance Related/Patron/In Memoriam/In Recognition/In Appreciation (pick one)
  • Unit, if applicable (Squadron/Wing)

Example of name on plaque:
Bill Welser   P   436 MAW
(First name, Last name, Pilot, 436th Military Airlift Wing)

  • I want my inscription on the museum's
    Please type the name to appear on the bench plaque
    • If Patron or In Memoriam/In Recognition/In Appreciation was typed above, please skip this step
    • Only include one Unit or Squadron

    Or you may also print and mail a form: Print & Mail
The AMC Museum Foundation may make modifications to some inscriptions to fit space requirements.