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Customized Dog Tags

Dog Tag and Chain Set of 2 Dog Tags with silencers and chain. One AMC Dog Tag and one Custom Dog Tag. The Dog Tag will be EXACTLY as you typed it, using all CAPITAL LETTERS Under Special Instructions: Type the information you want on the Dog Tag. You have 5 rows with 15 characters per row. Example: JOHN DOE 302-344-0235 2024 HERITAGE DOVER AFB, DE GOOD GUY
  • 1× customized dog tag
  • 1× AMC Museum dog tag
  • 2× rubber silencers
  • 1× 4 ½" chain
  • 1× 24" chain
  • Dog tags will be printed exactly as provided
  • We are not responsible for your errors
  • Only 15 characters (letters, symbols, numbers, and spaces) will fit on each line
  • You may use from 1 to 5 lines of text


The first metal “identity disc” was introduced in 1907. By 1913, Army ID tags were mandatory. By 1916, a second tag was added and by 1917 all combat troops had aluminum tags hanging from their necks by rope or chain. The information was stamped on the tags with tool and die.

The so-called “Navy/Marine” style tag was oblong, with uniform printing. With its rounded ends the M1940 rectangular stainless steel tag was introduced by the Army during WWII. Prior to 1959, the Marine Corp s and Navy used a circular metal tag with stamped information. By 1959, all branches of the Armed Forces were using the now familiar stainless steel tag still being issued today.

With slight variations, the content of the embossed information remains the same: Last and First name, social security number, branch of service, blood type, and religious affiliation.

Plastic or rubber silences ensured that the tags didn’t clink together and give away the wearer’s location.