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Images of America Delaware Air National Guard (paperback)


The Delaware AIr National Guard got its start when a group of World War II veterans formed a new National Guard unit composed of surplus airplanes, combat experience, a measure of hard work, camaraderie, and fun.  Some called this assemblage a gentleman's flying club, but in a few short years, it was tested for the first time in the Korean War.  Since then, the Delaware Air National Guard has flown and fought in almost every corner of the globe.  It answered the call in Vietnam, the Middle East, the Bulkans, and most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Celebrating 60 years of service, it has become a well-known local institution.  The "Blue Hen Air Force" has evolved into a professional organization that shoudlers a significant operational role for the U.S. Air Force and serves as a versatile emergency resource for the state of Delaware.  

Brig. Gen. Kennard R. Wiggins Jr  (DE ANG Retired) is a third generation Delaware Guardsman, who served in the National Guard for 37 years.  Currently he serves as executive director of the Delaware Military Heritage and Education Foundation, Inc., which maintains an extensive archive of Delaware National Guard images.

The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country.  


Written by Brig. General Kennard R. Wiggins Jr  (DE ANG Retired)